How to buy Sandbox (SAND) coin in Australia (2022)?

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be considered investment advice. Crypto Joe (site editor) purchases Sandbox (SAND) coin for the purpose of this article. If you’re looking to buy sandbox in Australia, we’ll show you the process step by step. 

To purchase Sandbox (SAND), you need to compare Aussie crypto exchanges. Luckily we’ve done extensive research on all the most legitimate exchanges. All the exchanges we recommend have been mentioned in the “5 best crypto exchanges in Australia“. Additionally, each exchange discussed here will be your opportunity to buy Sandbox in Australia today 100% stress-free. 

Let’s dive in Aussies! How to buy Sandbox (SAND) coin.

What is Sandbox (SAND)?


It is the native token of the Sandbox gaming ecosystem. Pixowl has developed the game. SAND tokens enable holders to participate in governance through a decentralized organisation. Sand is, therefore, a unique gaming experience where the users can create in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and sell them to earn profits.

Sandbox has provided users with a gaming metaverse where players can interact with each other, buy/sell tokens through a marketplace, and even govern the empire. Users can buy/sell properties or “LAND” and develop their plots by building up assets. The metaverse of Sandbox is a genuinely interactive gaming universe. Plus, it allows users to earn through trading assets or holding the SAND token.

Where can I buy Sandbox (SAND) in Australia ? Top 5

how to buy sandbox (sand) coin in australiaSANDBOX coin can be purchased on several Aussie crypto exchanges. My top pick is Coinspot (not only for competitive fees), but it’s so simple and easy to use when buying or selling coins. In order, here are my top 5. 

1. Coinspot

2. Swyftx

3. Digital Surge

4. Coinjar

5. Coinbase 











Thinking of buying crypto rating


Market Orders 0.1%

Instant buy & Sell 1.0%

● PayID
● POLi
● Crypto
● Cash
● Bpay
● Bank Transfer Here





Thinking of buying crypto rating



● PayID
● Osko
● POLi
● Crypto
● Bank Transfer





Thinking of buying crypto rating



● PayID
● Osko
● POLi
● Crypto
● Bank Transfer





Thinking of buying crypto rating

30 +

1.0% based on the transaction amount

● PayID
● Osko
● Credit card
● Debit card
● Cash
● Bpay
● Bank Transfer





Thinking of buying crypto rating


Fees vary for australian traders “standard” or “Instant buy/sell”

● Debit card

Where can I buy Sandbox? (continued)

Step 1: Buying sandbox (SAND) is simple. Compare the recommended exchanges. 

Step 2: Once you’ve decided on an exchange, create an account and get verified.  

Step 3: Deposit in AUD with any of the above-mentioned payment options and buy sandbox (SAND). Our preferred deposit method is PayID. It’s instant and free (this is not investment advice)

#1 Coinspot - Our Top pick (for aussies) to buy Sandbox (SAND) coin

Disclaimer: We purchased SANDBOX on this Australian exchange to assist our readers. Digital currencies are highly volatile; this information is not investment advice. You know the drill!


  • Simple to buy and Sell Sandbox with low fees
  • You can easily buy Sandbox with Coinspot from your desktop or on their mobile app.
  • Most straightforward and easy to use interface
  • Excellent security measures are in place, including two-factor authentication. 
  • Create “watchlists” following the sandbox’s price movement (SAND) and your favourite coins in one place.
  • Over 1700 positive reviews on trust pilot. 
  • Easy and simple to withdraw back to your bank account if you decide to sell SAND.  

How to create an account to buy Sandbox (SAND) Step by step

Go to the website

Click on Register.

Fill in your E-mail ID and create a password that should be at least 10 characters long and consist of at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, and 1 number. After filling in the details, click on “Create Account.” Fill in your e-mail id here. Create a secure password here Type the Referral or Affiliate code if you have it.

Done! Your account has been created. Enjoy trading Crypto on coinspot.

Complete the verification as per the requirements, and get started!

Depositing funds into coinspot

How to buy Sandbox (SAND) coin in Australia Step by step

Below is a demonstration of how to buy Sandbox (SAND) coin. For this demonstration, we buy SAND from a trusted Australian cryptocurrency exchange. Let us take you through the process (you can use this as a guide) to buy sandbox in a few simple steps. 

Step 1

buy sandbox step 1
Go to the BUY/SELL tab and type in “SAND” to find the SANDBOX coin.

Step 2

buy sandbox step 2
Enter the amount you wish to purchase in AUD to purchase SAND coin. As you can see, the system will ask you to confirm your transaction. You will see the amount we are purchasing and the fee we will incur to buy the SAND coin.

Step 3

buy sandbox step 4
A confirmation through a big green tick that I have now purchased sandbox (SAND) coin in Australia.

What is the current Sandbox (SAND) Price?

As of May 7th 2022, Sandbox has a market cap of 2.55 billion, and its current market cap is 43. 

The Sandbox (SAND) coin price can be viewed in real-time below. 

Payment Methods to buy sandbox (SAND) coin

Most Australian exchanges accept the following. I don’t recommend paying with cash or Bpay as both of these options are likely to result in higher fees (2.5% charged). As you can see above, we purchased SANDBOX to assist our readers. The payment method we recommend (mainly because it’s instant and free) to buy SAND is PayID. 

  • debit card
  • direct bank
  • PayPal
  • PayID
  • Cash
  • Bpay

Buy Sandbox Verdict

Sandbox coin reached its all-time high a few months ago, with popularity soaring on social media to find out more about (SAND). To buy Sandbox, you can discuss it with your financial advisor. Our sandbox purchase we only made for the purpose of this article.

While past performance isn’t an indication of future performance, some analysts have predicted sandbox coin (SAND) to increase year on year until 2034. Some analysts predict it could increase 1800% from its current price. Will this prediction be correct?

Rapper Snoop Dogg has recently purchased virtual land in the Sandbox space. Sandbox has over 2 million users since its creation, and it’s growing at an expediential rate. The sandbox potential is based on buying expensive plots of land and can be monetised by renting public areas and workspaces. 

If you want to buy the sandbox coin (SAND), we recommend Coinspot. 

Sandbox coin has been available to purchase on many Australian crypto exchanges since the start of 2022. To buy sandbox (SAND) coin is legal in Australia. We have also purchased sandbox coin as demonstrated for the purpose of this review. 

Buying Sandbox with cash will incur a fee of above 2% on aussie exchanges. This isn’t recommended as not only will this eat into potential profits, but will also delay the purchase process as the exchange needs to wait for these funds to clear before allowing you to trade. 

To buy sandbox coin we used PayID the funds had cleared instantly and it was 100% free. We recommend you double check the PayID email to avoid delays on purchasing the Sand coin in Australia. 

Buying Apecoin is 100% safe when choosing a legitimate exchange which we just demonstrated above. We purchased Apecoin and showed precisely how, step by step. Our Apecoin is safely stored in our Apecoin wallet on Coinspot. 

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