How to buy my neighbor Alice (Alice) token in Australia?

Disclaimer: So you know the drill, the information in this article isn’t investment advice. I’m crypto Joe; I’m going to buy My neighbor Alice token. Learn how to buy the Alice coin in Australia with my step-by-step guide. I’ve compared and reviewed over 50 cryptocurrency exchanges (mainly in Australia). So trust that the exchanges I recommend to buy Alice are legitimate. 

With the whole disclaimer thing out of the way, let’s dive right in to find out how to buy the My Neighbor Alice (Alice) token.

What is My neighbor Alice (Alice) token?

MY NEIGHBOR (not spelt neighbour) Alice coin (ALICE):

This fun and relaxing farming gameplay enable building farmlands, buying islands, and developing them through tokens.

The native token is ALICE and allows players to purchase land plots and other assets; the token can also be used for staking and governance purposes. ALICE tokens can be earned by participating in competitions and gaming events inside the game.

My Neighbor Alice provides various sources of income through the sale of NFTs, including land plots. The ALICE token can also be staked for earning a passive income.

On a closer look, the game My neighbor Alice has similarities to other metaverse tokens such as Sandbox.

The popularity of my neighbour Alice token has soared. Perhaps because of an astounding $80m (that’s right, you read correctly) metaverse grant issued so developers could develop and enrich its metaverse.  

Where can I buy My Neighbour Alice (Alice) coin in Australia ?

Here are my top 3 recommendations to buy the My Neighbor Alice coin in Australia. I pick Coinspot as number one for its massive selection of coins available. Additionally, it’s a simple design, has low fees for market orders and is a product that we trade on regularly.

Read on. I’m going to buy the Alice coin and show you how to buy it step by step. 

1. Coinspot

2. Swyftx

3. Digital Surge

How can I buy Alice token?

Step 1: Buying My neighbour Alice (Alice) coin is simple. Compare the recommended exchanges below. 

Step 2: Once you’ve decided on an exchange, read the full review, create an account and get verified.  

Step 3: Deposit in AUD (best options include PayID, it’s fast and free). A great option when purchasing my neighbor Alice coin. 

Compare the top 3 exchanges to buy Alice token in Australia ?











Thinking of buying crypto rating


Market Orders 0.1%

Instant buy & Sell 1.0%

● PayID
● POLi
● Crypto
● Cash
● Bpay
● Bank Transfer Here





Thinking of buying crypto rating



● PayID
● Osko
● POLi
● Crypto
● Bank Transfer





Thinking of buying crypto rating



● PayID
● Osko
● POLi
● Crypto
● Bank Transfer

#1 Coinspot - Our Top pick (for Aussies) to buy Sandbox (SAND) coin

Disclaimer: We purchased My neighbor Alice (ALICE) token on this Coinspot to assist with this guide. Digital currencies are volatile; this information is not investment advice.


  • Buy, sell or swap Alice Coin in a few simple steps
  • The ability to purchase 360 plus coins and tokens
  • Most straightforward and easy to use interface (especially for newbies)
  • No major hacks were recorded, and a trusted and legitimate exchange
  • Create “watchlists” and follow the price of your favourite coins (including ALICE)
  • Over 1700 positive Coinspot reviews on trust pilot. 
  • We demonstrate in our coinspot review how fast it is to withdraw money back to your bank account. 
  • Rated number one in our article 5 best crypto exchanges in Australia.   

Create an account on Coinspot to buy Alice Coin (simple guide)

Go to the website

Click on Register.

Fill in your E-mail ID and create a password that should be at least 10 characters long and consist of at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, and 1 number. After filling in the details, click on “Create Account.” Fill in your e-mail id here. Create a secure password here Type the Referral or Affiliate code if you have it.

Done! Your account has been created. Enjoy trading Crypto on coinspot.

Complete the verification as per the requirements, and get started!

Depositing funds into coinspot

3 steps to buy My neighbor Alice coin on Coinspot

Let me show you in 3 steps how to buy my neighbor Alice token. I use my funds to buy this token for this review. Coinspot, in my view, is Australia’s most trusted crypto exchange (which I use regularly) 

Step 1

step 1 buy alice coin
Go to the BUY/SELL tab and type in “ALICE” to find my neighbor Alice coin.

Step 2

step 2 buy alice coin
Enter the amount of ALICE you wish to purchase in AUD. The system will ask you to confirm your transaction. You will see the amount we are purchasing and the fee incurred to buy the ALICE coin.

Step 3

step 3 buy alice coin
The green tick confirms that we now officially own the ALICE token.

What is the current My neighbour Alice (ALICE) token Price?

The My neighbor Alice (Alice) coin price can be viewed in real-time in the chart below.  

Payment Methods to buy My neighbor Alice (ALICE) coin

Aussie crypto exchanges accept a variety of payment methods. Some incur fees, but most are free (such as PayID). Most Australian banks nowadays have PayID capabilities. We use this to deposit in coinspot when trading (because it’s instant and free). I don’t recommend Cash or Bpay as they are charged at 2.5%. 

Here is the complete list of payment options to buy Alice token:

  • debit card
  • direct bank
  • PayPal
  • PayID
  • Cash
  • Bpay

Buy My neighbor Alice (ALICE) Verdict

The current price of My neighbor Alice is quite far from its all-time high (approx six months ago). It still has a high trading volume and a market cap rank of 1781. Price predictions on the internet have been divided by analysts.  

To buy ALICE coin, you can discuss it with your financial advisor. Our purchase of my neighbor Alice was made for demonstration purposes only. 

If you want to buy my neighbor Alice coin (ALICE), we recommend #1 coinspot, #2 Swyftx and #3 Digital Surge. 

Yes, we buy Alice coin from the Australian crypto exchange Coinspot. We demonstrate how easily you can purchase the Alice token in 3 simple steps. 

Cash deposits are welcome by many Australian crypto exchanges. Please note the fees with a cash deposit on Coinspot incur a fee of 2.5%

Depositing with PayID is an instant way to deposit funds to buy Alice on Coinspot and Swyftx. This is our preferred method when depositing funds into crypto exchanges. 

Alice coin has the internet divided over price. Some say the price could increase by over 200%, while others are bearish. If in doubt, it’s always best to speak with a financial advisor. 

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