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As part of this Cointree review, we will compare the Cointree platform against the top 5 Australian Crypto Exchanges. We discuss the pros, cons, fees and features. For fast viewing, skip ahead in the table of contents below.

Should you sign up to the Cointree exchange? Please continue reading to learn more about Cointree and its unique services.

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Cointree – Table of Contents

Cointree is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange gradually expanding to other parts of the world. The exchange is uncomplicated for beginners and offers trading in multiple cryptocurrency tokens. Recently it has widened its product offerings through the SMSF fund and OTC desk.


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1. Low trading fees
2. SMSF fund facility
3. OTC desk for institutional clients
4. Copy and Trade Portfolios
5. Bank level encryption security
6. Phone customer support


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1. A mobile app is not available
2. Staking is not available

Fee comparison Table Cointree VS the best Australian Crypto Exchanges

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are speculative and may involve significant risks. We are not financial advisors and do not provide advice on personal circumstances. We have strived to keep our tables as accurate as possible, but fees may change from time to time without our knowledge. In some cases, may earn a commission from its website tables.










Thinking of buying crypto rating

330 +

Market Orders 0.1%

Instant buy & Sell 1.0%

  • PayID

  • POLi

  • Crypto

  • Cash

  • Bpay

  • Bank Transfer




Thinking of buying crypto rating 

290 +


  • PayID

  • Osko

  • POLi

  • Crypto

  • Bank transfer




Thinking of buying crypto rating 

250 +


  • PayID

  • Osko

  • POLi

  • Crypto

  • Bank transfer




Thinking of buying crypto rating 

30 +

1.0% based on the transaction amount

  • PayID

  • Osko

  • Credit card

  • Debit card

  • Cash

  • Bpay

  • Crypto




Thinking of buying crypto rating



  • Debit card

Comparison table Cointree vs CoinSpot vs Swyftx 

Let us compare Cointree with some other cryptocurrency exchanges such as CoinSpot and Swyftx

Exchange Feature




Coins Available








Deposit fees


No fees on bank transfer, POLi, PayID, OSKO. For BPAY-0.9%, and for Cash-2.5%


Withdrawal Fees




Coin Staking

Not available

Not available


Customer Service

Live chat support

Live chat support

Live chat support

Demo feature

Not available

Not available


Fiat currencies




What service does Cointree offer?

1. How many Cryptocurrencies are available at Cointree?

Cointree provides trading in more than 280+ cryptocurrencies, including the most popular coins such as ICPBAND, and SHIB. You’ll find all popular tokens paired against AUD, and a cryptocurrency swap feature is also available.

2. “Recurring Buy” on cointree

Users can also set up recurring buys to enable the automated purchase of cryptocurrencies without buying manually. The user can specify the time interval for such purchases (daily, weekly or monthly). 

3. Cointree – Australian SMSF facility

Additionally, the platform also offers investment options through the Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) facility. Australian users can register an SMSF account easily on the site. You will need a trust deed to verify and register for an SMSF account on the site. 

4. Save on Fees by referring friends and family to Cointree.

Users can invite other new members to the site via the referral program and earn commissions varying from 30-70% of the trading fees. It is a great way to make a passive source of revenue through the Cointree site.

5. Deposit Cash into Cointree at Australian Retail locations.

Cointree permits Australian users to deposit AUD in cash at participating retail locations. 

6. Gobbill and Cointree

For users who desire to use cryptocurrencies for paying their bills, the Cointree platform has partnered with Gobbill. They have made the entire process uncomplicated for Australian users. Users can make payments through BPAY or the app directly.

7. Cointree “Portfolio” section

Our site editor gives this section a massive thumbs up. It shows the best performing portfolio allocations (over 7 days). It’s excellent; traders can buy crypto portfolios of other top-performing users on Cointree. See three examples in the image below. 

Cointree Portfolio is super-convenient for amateurs and newbies in crypto, especially if you want to take your first leap into crypto without much knowledge.

cointree portfolio allocations example

8. Cointree (OTC)

In addition, Cointree provides an Over the Counter (OTC) for institutional clients. Each client utilizing OTC trades is assigned a dedicated account manager. Sufficient liquidity is available for servicing OTC trades on the platform.

9. Cointree “Learn” section.

The cointree website has a Learn section that shares educational resources on all things associated with the cryptocurrency markets. The Cointree site also shares news and forthcoming updates about various crypto tokens. 

10. Cointree Charting

The chart feature delivers instant price updates and tracking of all cryptocurrencies listed on the site. Users can track the price action of different cryptocurrencies by selecting a suitable time frame ranging from a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 3 months. 

11. Cointree identity Verification

KYC and identity verification are mandatory for all customers who wish to deposit and withdraw AUD to their accounts. The sign-up process is easy and takes a few minutes. 

A $10 credit is issued (after the first trade) to new users to encourage registrations on Cointree.

12. Cointree “CryptoTaxCalculator”

The platform has partnered with CryptoTaxCalculator. It’s an Australian based service where users can get a 20% discount if verified on the Cointree site. All users can export their transaction and trading history effortlessly for tax purposes. 

13. Cointree Help centre

Meanwhile, the Cointree website also runs a useful Help centre. A place where users can find answers to frequent queries and issues faced while navigating the platform. Additionally, support is available by filling out a website form and submitting a request.

14. Cointree Live Chat

A live chat support team of dedicated customer care representatives is available. However, only available on weekdays during working hours. Phone support is also available on the cointree platform. 

How long has Cointree been operational?

With the main headquarters located in Melbourne (Australia), Cointree has been offering services since 2013. All employees must do a mandatory criminal background check to ensure the site is kept safe for all users.

The site is secured and has implemented robust encryption services to protect its users. Over the years, it has launched many innovative products for its customers.

Cointree fees 2022

Trading fees are determined by the trading activity of the Cointree user. Fees incurred with fiat pairs can range from 0.9% for new users to as low as 0.05% for frequent traders. The highest tier of 0.05% is applicable for users with a trading history of 1million AUD or 50 referrals to their credit.

However, coin to coin swaps has a slightly lower fee of 0.05%-0.25%. The site also limits trading to AUD 10,000 limit; increases are available for eligible customers.

Australian users can deposit through POLI, OSKO or PayID. Users can also deposit and withdraw AUD directly through their AU bank accounts. There are no hidden charges on the site, but third-party payment processors may charge commissions for using their services.

Is Cointree a legitimate crypto exchange?

Cointree is registered with AUSTRAC and insists on Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations for its clients. The platform runs a bug bounty program where users can report bugs on the site and get rewarded in AUD.

The exchange reviews periodic and monitors security parameters to identify and fix lapses. Two-factor authentication facility is also available on Cointree to provide extra security to all customers’ accounts.

Moreover, the site supports Yubikey, a physical device with a universal 2nd layer authentication protocol. Users will need to enter the verification code received on Yubikey devices for signing onto the Cointree platform with this feature enabled.

Can I swap coins on Cointree?

Yes. Cointree supports direct swaps between supported cryptocurrency pairs. The swap facility charges lower trading fees than fiat pairs.

You can easily select any cryptocurrency supported on the platform, for example, Bitcoin (BTC), and exchange it for another token such as Ethereum (ETH) through the swap feature.

Cointree app

Currently, the platform does not provide an app for its users. You can access the site from major devices with your preferred browser.

Cointree wallet

The platform provides cryptocurrency wallets to its users. The client’s assets become stored in a combination of hot and cold wallets. For additional security of your assets, consider moving your cryptocurrency tokens to a personal hardware wallet.

Alternatively, You can download a software wallet to various devices such as your desktop or mobile phone. These are freely available and provide support for all major cryptocurrencies.

How to create a Cointree account?

Step 1: Go to the official cointree website.

step 1 create a cointree account

Step 2: Click on START NOW (top right corner). Your page should now look like this. 

step 2 - cointree account

Step 3: Fill in the following details:

  • “Email
  • Password
  • Promo code (if you have one)

Now click ‘create account’   (you’ll see a red arrow in the image above). You’ll now receive an email for ID verification. 

check your email cointree verification

Step 4: Click on “activate my account

step 4 click on activate my account

Step 5: After clicking on the “activate my account” tab, a new browser will open. Enter your credentials in the respective fields and login. 

Cointree verdict

It offers SMSF accounts, enables users to copy trade portfolios, and offers new users the opportunity to learn from other traders. The Cointree site is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Additionally, the platform supports institutional clients and follows a tiered structure for charging fees. Frequent traders can get heavy discounts on trading fees. The platform provides robust security features through Yubikey and monitors funds frequently to prevent malicious activity on the site.

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