How to buy BAND Protocol in Australia in 2022?

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What is Band Protocol?

The Band Protocol blockchain is a cross-chain data oracle network. It allows the import of real-world data into smart contracts. 

The native coin of the Band Protocol network (BAND) was offered initially as a token on the Ethereum network. It has now shifted to its mainnet blockchain built on Cosmos. 

BAND Protocol price MARCH 2022

The BAND coin has seen a lot of interest from cryptocurrency investors. It’s been listed on several of the best crypto exchanges in Australia. It was attractive looking at the price chart of BAND protocol when writing this review. The BAND token has seen phenomenal growth. Registering gains of 1662% from its all-time low price of $0.20. The BAND coin is currently trading at $3.58 at writing as CoinMarketCap. You can also view the price in realtime, see below. 


How to buy BAND Protocol in Australia?

To purchase Band Protocol in Australia, you must create an account with an Aussie exchange. Here is a list of 5 of our top picks.








Thinking of buying crypto rating

Market Orders 0.1%

Instant buy & Sell 1.0%





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Thinking of buying crypto rating






Thinking of buying crypto rating

1.0% based on the transaction amount





Thinking of buying crypto rating

Fees vary for australian traders “standard” or “Instant buy/sell”

How to create an account and Buy BAND in Australia?

Even if you are a beginner in crypto, creating an account and buying BAND is simple.

Let us run you through our top pick for the best crypto exchange in Australia  – Coinspot

Click on Register.

 Fill in your E-mail ID and create a password that should be at least ten characters long and consist of at least one upper case, one lower case, and 1 number. After filling in the details, click on “Create Account.” Fill in your e-mail here. Create a secure password here Type the Referral or Affiliate code if you have it.

Done! Your account has been created. Enjoy trading Crypto on coinspot. Now let me show you how to Buy BAND.


Complete the verification as per the requirements.

Click the buy/sell tab in the main menu. This will show you the complete list of tokens and coins to trade on coinspot—type “BAND” in the search tab.


Click the “Buy Band” tab and enter the amount you wish to buy.

Its Simple

Best Centralized Exchange to buy BAND in 2022

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges currently functional in Australia. Coinspot is one of the best places to buy band protocol in 2022. 

Once you have registered an account, select the BAND token out of the list of cryptocurrencies, enter the desired amount of tokens you wish to purchase and click on the “Buy” button to complete your trade.

However, you will also need to deposit funds into your CoinSpot account before trading. The exchange supports several methods such as PayID, Direct Deposit, POLi, BPAY, and RTGS. The exchange also provides support for cash deposits. You can view the top 5 crypto exchanges to Buy BAND in Australia

We will explain some alternate methods to purchase the BAND token for Australian users who do not wish to use a centralised exchange. However, a centralised exchange is more secure and will insist on KYC, making the platform safe for all users. The user interface on centralised exchanges is usually easier to navigate than on a decentralised platform.

Buy Band Protocol on a decentralised exchange in 2022

As an Australian user, if you do not wish to go through the lengthy procedure of verifying your account and submitting documents to pass KYC, you can utilise a decentralised exchange (DEX) to purchase BAND tokens quickly. Head over to a DEX like Uniswap and select an appropriate pair like ETH/BAND or ETH/BTC. You must possess some cryptocurrency in your wallet to use a DEX, such as Metamask. You will need to connect your Metamask wallet with Uniswap and enter the number of BAND tokens you wish to purchase. The BAND tokens will be delivered into your cryptocurrency wallet once the transaction is processed.

The advantage of using a decentralised exchange is that the transaction is instantaneous, and you do not need to complete any verification on an exchange platform. However, you must be familiar with cryptocurrency wallets such as Metamask and already possess some other cryptocurrency such as Ethereum (ETH) to pay for the transaction.

Buy Band Protocol on a Peer-to-Peer Exchange

As an Australian user, you can also purchase BAND tokens on a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform such as Paxful or LocalCryptos. The P2P exchange charges an extra commission and might cost you more than a decentralised exchange. However, the advantage of using a peer-to-peer exchange is that you can also make payments in fiat currencies.

Peer-to-Peer exchanges help you connect with other users who wish to sell BAND tokens. You can pay them through the platform or in-person and receive BAND tokens in return. However, fraud is often higher if you decide to transact directly as there is no guarantee of receiving tokens in such a transaction. Some P2P platforms provide an escrow service where the funds are released once the exchange is satisfied that the transaction has been completed successfully. This is a much better method and provides you with some degree of protection while utilising a peer-to-peer platform. P2P platforms offer a host of payment options. You can select a buyer willing to sell BAND tokens and select an appropriate payment method such as fiat currencies, PayPal, or even a cryptocurrency.

BAND's yearly performance

The BAND coin has seen tremendous growth and fast becoming widely adopted. The token’s price might also appreciate in the future. Early holders of the BAND token have already received handsome returns. If you are an Australian user and wish to buy BAND in 2022 and participate in its growth, you can do so after selecting one of the options explained above.

It is also advisable to invest in a hardware wallet if you decide to hold a vast number of coins, as leaving tokens on a centralised exchange is a bit risky. You can also use software wallets such as desktop or mobile wallets as they are free to use and can be downloaded easily in the form of applications. You will need to connect your wallet or transfer funds to a centralised exchange whenever you wish to trade your coins.

Once you have purchased BAND tokens, you can either wait for a long-term price appreciation or participate in frequent trading to provide quicker but smaller gains. Both approaches can help you grow your cryptocurrency assets, but it is advisable to do your research before selecting an investment method. Cryptocurrencies tend to experience a lot of volatility. Please ensure you research a coin before deciding to purchase it.

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