6 Best Crypto Exchanges in New Zealand

If you are thinking of buying crypto in New Zealand, exchanges are the simplest way to buy, sell and swap different tokens. We’ve personally traded on several cryptocurrency platforms and compared the main features and fees to help you find the best options. We provide you with 6 options the best from each category.

Each exchange mentioned here is legitimate and trusted by thousands of New Zealand crypto traders. Ultimately this guide will save you time and money. Let us help you reduce trading fees and select a trusted NZ crypto exchange.

Let’s dive straight in Kiwis – Here are our top picks.

6 Best Crypto Exchanges in New Zealand – Reviews (Updated April 2022)

1. Swyftx Exchange

(NZ Best Exchange overall)

Swyftx is our top pick with 290+ tokens offered for trading and its unique features such as staking, recurring buy, demo mode and tax reporting. 

Moreover, the cryptocurrency platform also provides support for the New Zealand dollar. The user interface is easy and ideal for beginners. Swyftx charges low transaction fees of 0.6% and there are no hidden charges. Deposits are free while withdrawals cost NZD 10. The site is also available as an app and allows direct swaps between cryptocurrency tokens. 

Additionally, the platform provides a lot of educational material and access to price alerts and trading charts. Another thing we love about this exchange is the live chat feature.

New Zealand users can deposit NZD through bank transfer, credit card, and POLi.

2. Crypto.com

Best for coin staking 

Crypto.com is available for users in New Zealand and supports the NZD. Residents of New Zealand can deposit or withdraw NZD through bank transfers or credit/debit cards. You can trade over 200 cryptocurrency tokens on the trading platform. 

Moreover, the exchange is known for offering attractive rates of interest for staking coins with them. The interest rates can range from 10% (stablecoins) to 14%. The platform is a very good option for users looking to earn a passive income from their cryptocurrency assets in a risk-free manner.

The Crypto.com exchange also allows trading in derivatives and provides discounts for users who stake CRO (native Crypto.com token).  

The site has low trading fees (0.09%-0.36%) and also offers VIP accounts. The platform also offers prepaid metal cards that offer attractive Cashback

3. Kucoin

KuCoin is a large cryptocurrency exchange that allows trading in 400+ tokens. It offers services in many countries of the world including New Zealand. 

New Zealand residents can deposit NZD easily on the platform through the credit card option powered by Simplex and Banxa.

If you’re looking to earn passive income, then you could stake coins with the KuCoin site and earn an interest ranging from 0.9% to 21%. 

You also get access to the cloud mining feature and KuCoin’s native launchpad platform for buying coin tokens during their ICO phase. KuCoin also provides a margin lending and leverage trading facility. 

KuCoin is an overall easy-to-use platform that offers low trading fees (0.1%-0.0125%), a demo feature, and live chat support.

4. Binance

Best for advanced trading features 

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and supports the New Zealand dollar. Users can deposit and withdraw NZD through bank transfers, cards, or even through peer-to-peer mode.

Binance allows trading in more than 600 tokens and has many features such as launchpad platform, staking, liquidity mining, and peer-to-peer trading. Binance also supports futures trading and provides access to crypto loans and margin lending. 

Users who decide to stake the native coin known as Binance Coin (BNB) are entitled to attractive discounts and airdrops. Binance has many advanced trading features such as live charts, strategy trading, and a direct crypto swap facility. 

Binance offers a lot of features for advanced users and if you need access to multiple services, you can try it out. The platform is also available through an app and New Zealand traders can use it freely without any restrictions.

5. Independent Reserve

Best for Crypto Insurance

Independent Reserve has become one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in New Zealand and is known for its world-class security features and crypto insurance facility for premier members. 

It offers trading in many cryptocurrency tokens and does not charge any fees for deposits over 5000NZD. The trading fees are based on a tiered model and range from 0.28%-0.5%. 

For premier and high net worth individuals, crypto insurance is offered and it is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to offer this facility in the Asia Pacific region. Funds are stored in underground secure vaults and the exchange claims to use a mix of hot and cold wallets to ensure full-proof security of clients’ assets. 

If you’re looking for a platform that supports NZD and provides insurance for your cryptocurrency assets, Independent Reserve could be a good choice.

6. Easy Crypto

Best for security features

Easy Crypto offers a funds guarantee scheme for New Zealand traders. Right from the minute, the funds arrive at the platform, and until they are received into your wallet, the funds are safe at all times. The site will fulfil the order even if a supplier fails to keep its commitment. 

This level of fund guarantee is unheard of in the cryptocurrency sector and makes Easy Crypto the best platform if you are looking for extra security. The site promises to keep your funds safe at all times on its platform. 

The site offers trading in more than 100 cryptocurrency tokens and allows direct swapping of different coins. 

The cryptocurrency exchange offers multi-coin orders and an auto-buy feature if you wish to purchase at a preferred price. Easy Crypto also offers portfolio tracking services to ensure you can keep an eye on your assets at all times. 

Currency conversion fees can eat into your profits so as a New Zealand resident, you should select a platform that provides support for the NZD.

How to create a crypto account in New Zealand?

Even if you are a newbie to the crypto world, creating and verifying an account is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Let us run you through our top pick for the best crypto exchange in New Zealand – Swyftx

Step 1: Go to https://swyftx.com/

Click on “Signup” (on the top right corner). 

 Once you click on Signup, the page will look like this.

step 1 (sign up swyftx)

sign up step 2 swyftx


Fill in all the details correctly into the respective fields and then click on Create Account 

This is how now your screen will look like when you hit on “Create Account” if all details that you fed into your respective places are correct. If not, then the screen will show a pop up to correct the incorrect field.

To verify the newly created account, click on “Profile” follow the next screenshot to check how your screen should look when you click on “Profile

showing the profile link swyftx

To verify click on “verify now” and check your e-mail Id, and SMS for OTP/Link. 

And now your account on swyftx NZ has been created.

That’s it!

verify now swyftx website

9 Most common Payment methods on New Zealand Crypto Exchanges

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1. Bank Transfer
2. Poli
3. Credit card
4. Debit card payments
5. Google Pay
6. Apple Pay
7. Cryptocurrency transfer
8. Cash Deposit
9. Prepaid Card

Checklist: 10 things to consider before signing up to NZ crypto exchange

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1. Fees
2. The Spread
3. Trading Tools
4. Exchange Loyalty/VIP programs
5. The time it takes to process a withdrawal
6. Reviews and reputation
7. Exchange security features
8. Deposit and Withdrawal limits
9. Types of customer support offered
10. Cryptocurrencies available to trade

What is the safest crypto exchange in New Zealand?

All exchange platforms compared above have world-class security features

  • Independent Reserve clearly stands out in terms of its crypto-insurance guarantee scheme for premier customers.
  • Easy Crypto also offers a fund guarantee scheme and will fulfil the order even if a supplier defaults. This can be a useful feature for customers who are looking for an asset guarantee and this exclusive feature can be found only on Easy Crypto.

You should consider an exchange that offers the best combination of features that you are looking for. There are many options available for New Zealand traders and you should select a platform that checks all the right boxes for you.

Evaluate and select an exchange based on security features, tokens offered, fiat pairs available, support for the New Zealand dollar, etc. For your convenience, we have handpicked and selected the best 6 cryptocurrency exchanges for New Zealand traders above.

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